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Let Better Brands Buy Your Items Outright




Having Better Brands buy your items outright is very easy.  You can bring your freshly washed items on hangers or folded in bags or bins. Limit the number of clothing items you bring to 25; shoes and handbags to three.  You may bring unlimited jewelry.   


You do NOT need an appointment if:

  • You are OK with us reviewing your items in the order they arrive which means you may not see us go through your items and 

  • You want us to call you within one day with a cash or store credit offer and

  • You are OK with us donating your unaccepted items or plan to pick-up your unaccepted items within one business day.

You do need an appointment if:

  • You want to see us review your items at the time you come in and

  • You want to be paid at the time you come in.  

Please Note:  We may not buy every item you bring in. Please understand that we take those items that will be most appealing to our customers.  If an item is not taken, you can take it back or we will gladly donate it for you.


Once your items are reviewed, Better Brands will make you a cash and store credit offer within one business day.  The store credit offer will be higher.  If you decide not to take either offer, you can always decide to consign your items.  Buying outright is best for those women who want money quickly.  Because Better Brands is assuming the risk of your items not selling, offer amounts are typically lower than consignment settlements.  

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