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Consigning Your Items at Better Brands

Consigning your items at Better Brands is very easy.  You can bring your freshly washed items on hangers.  Your hangers will be retuned to you. 

You can consign items without an appointment, March-June (spring/summer) and September-December (fall/winter)   If you do not have an appointment, you are considered a walk-in.  Walk-ins can bring up to 15 items total to be reviewed at the time.  Walk-ins are expected to wait to have items reviewed and take back those items that we do not accept.  Please leave yourself adequate time to wait for us to review your items.  If you bring your items on hangers, our review should take under 10 minutes.  You can bring in items once a week. 

We are no longer allowing consigners to drop-off items and leave before we review the items.  We are not donating unaccepted items on consigner's behalf.  We will donate unsold items at the end of the consignment period only.  This change in policy was made because we were receiving too many unacceptable items creating a back=log in our process.  Our process works best when the items being consigned are in excellent condition and under three years old.  We will return any outdated, stained, damaged or smelly items.   

Better Brands reserves the right to stop accepting items at anytime because we have an over abundance of merchandise to process.   If you are walking-in with items, meaning you have no appointment, please understand there is a small chance you may be turned away.  If this would be a burden to you, please call ahead to be sure we are accepting items that day. 

Consignors receive 40% of the base price of each consigned item that is sold at less than $30. You will receive 60% of the base price of each consigned item that is sold at $30 or more.  You may stop by the store during business hours and receive money owed to you at any time.  A check for unpaid balances $25.00 or over for expired contracts is mailed every other month.



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