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October 2021 ​

We are now accepting walk-ins.  No appointment needed.  Consigners can bring up to 15 items per walk-in.  Please give yourself enough time to wait for us to go through your items.  We will return unconsigned items to you at that time.  Walk-ins are taken in order.  Also, we may not be able to accept your items when you bring them if we have received an overabundance of walk-ins.  You will be asked to walk-in another day.  If this is upsetting to you, please call ahead to verify our ability to assist you when you intend to come.  We do our best to accommodate everyone, but we can only process so many items in one day in the space we have.  Thank you for your understanding.

KelSea offers contemporary, new clothing in a full range of sizes (small - 3X). Our merchandise is all boutique brands at affordable prices. A complementary selection of shoes, jewelry, bags, accessories, decor and beauty products are displayed in the rustic showrooms. 

KelSea Apparel & Accessories has a subtle coastal-inspired vibe. The atmosphere is relaxed.  The clothing is on-trend and wearable for women of all ages.    

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