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Let Better Brands Help You
Raise Money for your Organization

Do you volunteer for a local charity that is looking to raise money?  Better Brands offers a unique fundraisng opportunity that lets your raise funds without direct selling and almost no work on your part!  The program has two parts:

  1. Your organization collects pre-owned women's clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry from your members/volunteers. Better Brands visits your collection location and buys your items outright.  If there are items we do not accept, we will donate them for you.  You do not need to staff this visit.  We will just give you a check at the end.

  2. We will give you shopping passes to distribute to your members/volunteers.  When they make a purchase at Better Brands and use a shopping pass, 10% of their total purchase will be donated to your organization.

Once your organization has participated in our fundraising program, your members/volunteers can bring their items directly into the store to be bought outright.  Your organization will receive the cash total bi-monthly.

Please call 570-573-2061 if you are interested in fundraising with Better Brands.  

Clothes Donation
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