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Have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?
Need a style make-over or know someone who does?

Closet Clean-Out (typically 2-4 hours, depending on the amount of stuff!)

This is for ladies who embrace change and want a fresh start! If you know you need to make room and organize your closets but cannot find the time or don’t have the energy or savvy, leave all the work to us!  In a few hours, we will go through your closet and present you with what should stay, what should go and what could be consigned/bought outright.  You make the final decision.  Plus we haul away items to be donated and resold and reorganize your closet and drawers for maximum efficiency.  You will also receive general recommendations about your wardrobe. 


Wardrobe Consultation
(typically 2-3 hours, depending on your level of cooperation!)

This is for ladies who are willing to hear the truth!  After a Closet Clean-Out or alone, a Wardrobe Consultation gets you down to serious style business.  You will model your clothes and we will make outfit recommendations for you from your existing wardrobe based on your style preferences.  We leave you with a specific list of items you need to complete your style.  The end result:  No more mindless staring into your closet.  You will have go-to outfits for every occasion!

Two people will visit your home for $40.00/hour with a minimum of 2 hours.  If you book both services a 10% discount would apply to the total cost.  This is an investment with results that last… shortens your morning routine…gives you more confidence about your image…changes the way you shop…and more! Look better with less effort…priceless!  

Please call 570-573-2061 if you are interested in @ Home Services.

Clothes Hanging
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